Ancient Connection.

Somewhere between 20,000 and 14,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens invited curious canids in from the dark and into the campfire. Today, you get to enjoy the results of co-evolution with your dog in the comfort of your home.

Cultures geographically isolated throughout all of world history have incorporated canines into their religion, myths and legends. What is it about dogs that compels us to include them in our culture on such a deep emotional level? This is what we like to call the Ancient Connection.

Our Trainers.

Andrew has been handling and training Scent Detection Canines since 2017. He developed a deep appreciation for working canines while deployed with the Australian Army in Afghanistan as part of Operation Slipper. Andrew credits the Explosive Ordnance Detection Dogs with keeping him alive while on patrol in the "Dasht".

After hanging up his rifle, Andrew spent some time travelling and working on Cattle Stations in the North of Australia, teaching his Kelpie cross to muster livestock. Upon returning to Perth, he was offered the unique opportunity to train, handle and develop the World's Premier Water Leak Detection Dog, Kep.

For five years, Andrew & Kep, as a Conservation Canine Team, found over 160 difficult to locate leaks for the state of Western Australia. In 2022, Andrew assisted in the Re-Team with Kep's new Canine Handler to then pursue his own Canine Training Business and further develop his skills as a Canine trainer.

Andrew's foundations as an effective trainer have been procured and nurtured by Australia's Own Conservation Canine Extraordinaire, Steve Austin, CCPDT-KA. Andrew's ongoing professional development, coaching and mentoring is benevolently regulated by Seth Pywell (Perth Modern Dog Trainers) & Jemma Pywell (Elite Dog Training). Andrew uses Balanced Canine Training methods to achieve optimal performance and responsiveness from your dog.

"Over the past five years, I have personally trained and mentored Andrew Blair in canine handling and training. During that time, I have observed Andrew’s skill in handling and training a scent detection dog in the field to a very high standard...Andrew is well-measured, calm and disciplined as a trainer and also possesses very good communication skills with people. I have observed creativity and problem-solving in real time during canine training."
-Steve Austin, CCPDT-KA

Andrew Blair

Scent Detection Specilisation

Andrew is a Canine Scent Detection specialist. He has been training the Water Corporation's premier Water Leak Detection Dog since the programs inception in 2017.

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