Canine Services

We are in the Business of Establishing Clear Communication between Human and Canine.

  • Problem Behaviour Modification
  • Boarding & Training
  • Wedding Training & Handling
  • Canine Obedience
  • Scent Detection Specialisation
  • Puppy  Training

Behaviour Modification

Has there been a breakdown in communication? Have some poor habits been established? Are fear & anxiety present? Bad habits can be corrected and emotional reactions can be altered. Reactivity, Barking and Pulling on the Lead, all of these issues can be addressed with proper training and management.



Basic obedience to complex skills, all dogs have the ability to learn new skills, the key is finding the right motivation. Does your dog come when called? Regardless of distractions? Does your dog lack Impulse Control? A private training session or the Obedience Program may be the answer for your best mate.


Board & Train

A ‘Board and Train’ is dog training service where your dog will stay with the Canine Trainer at their facility and be trained to modify a certain behaviour or develop a new one. There will be an agreement between you and the trainer about what the expected outcomes are to be for the duration of the dogs stay. Typical length of stays can be from 5 days up to 3 weeks. Board & Trains are really great for Behaviour Modification issues and really ramping up obedience in your dog. The Dog can also expect to leave the premises for exercise & training by foot or by vehicle.


Puppy Training

Solid foundations will pay dividends for your dog throughout their life. Invest early and enjoy a rewarding relationship with your new pack member. We offer private training sessions or you could take part in the 6 Week Perfect Puppy Program.


Wedding Training & Handling

Want to have the whole family at the wedding? We can train and condition your dog to be there for the big day and even get them to participate. our experienced handlers can also take the dog home with them after the event and board them until you are ready to pick them up again.


Scent Detection Specialisation

Think your dog has what it takes to conduct Scent Detection work? All Dogs can be trained to use their nose to find stuff! All around the world, the canine nose is being utilised in very unique applications. We offer consultation and training to develop the skils required to do this job for you and your dog.