Board & Train

A ‘Board and Train’ is a dog training service where your dog will stay with the Canine Trainer at their facility overnight and be trained periodically throughout the day. There will be an agreement between you and the trainer about what the expected outcomes are to be for the duration of the dogs stay. Typical length of stays can be from 5 days up to 3 weeks. New clients will require a minimum of 3 weeks for their initial stay. Board & Trains are really great for Behaviour Modification issues and ramping up obedience in your dog. The Dog can also expect to leave the premises for exercise & training by foot or by vehicle.


Consultation, Bookings & Pricing

All Board & Train services first requires a Consultation & Training Session. A consultation is important for the Canine Trainer to better understand the dog’s behaviour, temperament, and specific training needs. It is possible for multiple dogs to be boarded and trained. Bookings for Board & Trains should be made well in advance to avoid disappointment. To secure your booking a $300.00 deposit will need to be paid at the time of booking. Your booking will not be confirmed until the deposit is received. The remainder of service fee will need to be made prior to or at the time the Dog is dropped off at the facility or picked up by the trainer

For Board & Train prices please see our pricing page.

Food & Lodging

While your dog is staying with us, we will provide all their canine nutritional requirements. If you would like to provide you own food, that is completely fine. We feed our dogs a ‘Raw Food Real Prey’ Diet consisting of a combination of Beef, Chicken, Kangaroo, Sardine, Boar & Rabbit. We will also use ‘Prime 100’ dog roll for training. Water will always be available while training, crated or when kenneled. Your dog will undergo daily routine exercise usually in conjunction with training. While not involved in any training, exercise or enrichment, your dog will be staying in either the Kennel Run or a Dog Crate. The Kennel Run contains a day bed, small enclosed kennel, blankets for bedding and drinking water. The Kennel Run will also have access to a small yard where they can runaround and play on the dog obstacle course. The Dog crate will contain bedding if required and fresh drinking water.

Contract & Agreement

A Contract will be drawn up so that both parties agree upon the required outcomes of the Board & Train. The purpose of the contract is to remove any ambiguity or confusion around the training outcomes of the dog. The contract will also include an indemnity agreement, boarding dates and drop off/pick up timings.

Testimonial !

"My wife and I had the difficult task of leaving our special lil’ dude (Darren the ‘not so little’ Greyhound) over the recent Xmas/New Year holidays whilst we travelled for family. Luckily Andrew at Ancient Connection was available to not only accommodate our special doggo but also to give him the pats, love, and attention he so dearly deserves. Andrew even helped with some specialised command-based, Place Training which has helped us massively since returning. 

The whole process was extremely easy and stress-free with Andrew keeping us well informed and updated during our trip (regular videos and cute photos) even continuing the same food regiments & routines Darren has become accustomed to with us. Knowing that Darren was in great hands and with a kind, loving family whilst we were away kept our minds at ease and meant that returning from our holiday was even more seamless with Darren showing little to no signs of anxiety and confusion even after living in another home for close to 2 whole weeks!

The overall cost was very reasonable/affordable with the addition of training options a massive bonus for anyone wanting to utilise Andrews huge breadth of knowledge and experience in this particular area of expertise. We will definitely be using Ancient Connection into the future and can’t recommend him enough. Andrew, Darren wants to know when his next sleep over is?!?!

Steph & Zac

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